Saturday report #3 ๐Ÿ˜„

This week was very difficult beside game development, but I managed to get through it. And now it’s time to share my news.

Firstly, I got some serious problems with breathing system, it may cause hospitalization for 1 week, during which I won’t code anything (I think). I won’t share my deepest thoughts and feelings on the subject, so this part won’t take any longer.

To the games. I’ve actually made our development with colleague going as I’ve made some sort of division of labor, centralized ToDo system and finally taught him how to use git properly. All things considered, we’ve made significant progress in the game.

18 commits. 600 new lines of code, featuring:

  • Saves system
  • Battle formulas. Actual damage system
  • Heroes’ and units’ speed in turn order
  • City mechanics (buy units there)
  • Simple main menu placeholder
  • Cells highlighting in battle
  • Replaced map background with proper grass
  • Camera scaling with “+” and “-” keys
  • And much more

I’m very proud of this work as game progresses really fast and gives me hope, that I’m not such a useless piece of shit, but quite good game developer.